KH Inspired

Quotes by KH

If the only thing you want to do is play, then the only thing you'll ever get is played. Be equally proficient in music business as you are in music performance. -KH


The only way to predict the future is to predict your attitude about the future. Stay positive and hope for good things and all good things will eventually find you. -KH


The first step to beating your competiton is to realize there is none. There's only you. It's always been you. -KH


Make good use of your gifts and talents everyday. Maximize yourself. -KH


Saying I can't complain is actually a slight form of complaining. Replace that response with "I'm blessed", "I'm well", "I'm happy", "I'm great", and watch your life change. -KH


The key to success is perseverence. Move fast or move slow. Just keep moving. -KH


Keep your friendships, relationships, and partnerships healthy by never asking for more than you can give. -KH


Do not walk around harboring great ideas in your head. Write them down and put them into action. You were born to influence the world. -KH


Invest in yourself to live rich. Invest in the hearts of people to live forever. -KH


Count your problems if you want to stay up all night. Count your blessings if you want to get some sleep. -KH


The moment you start thinking and feeling you can do better or you deserve better, you're 100% correct. Act on it. Move toward a happy life and a happy life will move toward you. -KH