Bass Day MKE

Founded by Kevin Hayden, Bass Day MKE is an annual concert that features just a few of the finest and first-call bass players of the Greater Milwaukee Area music scene. The event is aimed to highlight musical talents in bass players from all genres and strengthen the musician community through networking.



Message from Kevin Hayden:

I just want to take time to thank all of the participating bass players of Bass Day MKE 2013 to include Afton Johnson, Evan Paydon, Ethan Bender, Ryan Brown, Myles Neal, Alan Harris, MotherDog (Matt Turner, Sean Williamson and Fred Boswell Jr.) and our very special guest Bill "The Buddha" Dickens.


Special thank you to the band, Terry Harris Jr., Alan Harris and Quintin Gulledge.  Thanks to Mike and Laura Lewand and the entire staff at The Stage.  To the best media team around, Artemio Photo and True King Entertainment.  Thank you to Music Go Round.  Thank you to Harrison D Kern for hosting the night like no other.  Much love to Shonn Hinton for gracing the stage with the band.


Thank you to bassists Damian Erskine, Justin Raines and Christopher Marcellus for the great video drops.  Looking forward to having you all perform next year.  Thank you to Marcell for taking time to get us right for sound check.  Thank you to everyone who left a monetary contribution to this epic movement.  You are all greatly appreciated.


Bass Day MKE 2013 was a huge success and I believe everyone had a great time in music and fellowship.  We're all looking forward to next year in plans for an even bigger and better concert.  Until next time, keep it bassy Milwaukee.





Notable musicians in appearance:

Marcus Adams, Timothy Ricketts, Taurus "Bird" Adams, Olen Franklin, Reggie Bordeaux, Luther Tate, Waymon Tatum, Darrien Williams, Alex Julien, Ben Stueve, Isaiah Joshua, Maurice Liddell, Greg Kinlow, Darryl Tucker, Chris Liddell, Matt Wilson, Aaron Jones, Antoine Reynolds, JJ and Kyle "S.T.R.I.P." Hayden.

Video Coming Soon

Official Photos by Art Montes

Bass Day Mke 2013